The time to take action is NOW!

You've probably heard that childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic in America. You also are aware that the demand for youth fitness programs has skyrocketed in the last 10 years.

But here's what you might not know...

Even if you are a fitness professional who is currently working with youth, having the knowledge and resources to become a youth fitness expert can...


Research has determined links between specific, sensory-based exercise strategies and coordination, learning, and behavior.


With less than 3% of grade schools having daily PE and early sports specificity becoming more common, communities are looking to knowledgeable classroom teachers and fitness professionals to create proper fitness and physical literacy programs for kids.


As athletics continually becomes more competitive at younger ages, younger and younger children are unable to participate, leading their parents to turn to fitness professionals for age-appropriate physical activity programs.


The demand for basic, fundamental movement-based fitness programs for youth has increased dramatically in the fitness industry in the last 10 years.


Not all kids are able to compete in sports. The youth fitness market is currently saturated with "speed camps" and "athletic performance" programs. Stand out as a champion for all levels of kids!

  • This gives youth fitness professionals access to fun and effective programming tools to grow their youth training business and help the kids who need it most!  

The fitness industry has been slow to respond to the youth physical inactivity crisis with relevant, fun, and simple resources everyone can use. 

Do YOU share these struggles?

  • You run out of program ideas quickly because you've had to rely on outdated youth fitness resources, outlining programs kids can't do, or are uninterested in doing. 
  • You're left unsure about the results of your program because you've had to spend hours searching the internet to “piece together” new ideas and different activities hoping to find something that works. 
  • You're frantically coming up with activities just to keep kids busy, making it difficult to create and market a youth program that kids enjoy, creates results, and has value in your community. 
  • You've started to question your community's confidence and interest in a youth physical literacy program. 

30% of our youth are inactive and overweight. We can't afford to abandon the cause!

Without a simple, well-designed youth fitness framework to follow, many would-be difference makers abandon their efforts in frustration.

But here's the good news! With the right program framework, education, and inspiration, we can ALL get kids moving, playing, and excited about physical activity once again!

Hello, we're Brett Klika and Craig Valency, co-founders of SPIDERfit Kids.

We’d like to thank you for being on the front lines and taking action in the fight against childhood obesity.

Just like you, SPIDERfit has witnessed, firsthand, the decline in youth physical activity, overall coordination and fitness. 

Prior to igniting the SPIDERfit movement, we were always frustrated with the lack of youth fitness programming resources available to us as fitness professionals. 

In our frustration, we continually found that...

  • Most resources focused primarily on developing specific skills for young athletes.
  • Quality program resources were either buried in academia, or otherwise inaccessible to the general public.
  • The activities and programs were outdated so kids couldn’t do them, or they were uninterested.

We’d resort to spending hours scouring the internet, looking for any information we could on child development, physical literacy, and activities suited for ALL levels of youth. 

When we would try to piece together the limited activities we could find, it would take hours to create programs, and these would often be "hit or miss" with the kids we worked with. Not to mention parents and the local community saw us as just another "speed camp" for young athletes. 

Our growing frustrations as fathers and fitness professionals, and a heartfelt desire to make an impact lead us to create SPIDERfit with a mission to make fitness fun, effective, and relevant for today's kids and introduce a program that ANYONE can use immediately!

We didn't want our programs to merely be some randomly selected, "cool exercise ideas" for already uber-fit kids.

To move beyond the failed “one approach” method to getting kids fit, we collaborated with PE and classroom teachers, sports coaches, physical and occupational therapists, dance and drama teachers, fitness professionals, and a host of other youth health specialists. 

When we put together a framework based on this multidimensional approach to youth fitness, we found that...

  • Our program referrals went through the roof! Parents, school teachers, therapists and other youth development professionals began to value a well-designed multi-disciplinary program as more than just another "fitness camp" for kids. 
  • Kids (and parents) kept coming back for more! Kids of ALL fitness levels really enjoyed the play-based program, even talking about it and practicing at home.  
  • Parents noticed unprecedented improvement in kids' sensorimotor skills, coordination, confidence and competence with physical activity. 
  • With an easily accessible framework and database of activities, creating long- term youth fitness programs became quick and easy.
  • We began to get inquiries from around the world.

POWERFUL PLAY is a CAREFULLY DESIGNED, PROVEN SYSTEM for building PHYSICAL LITERACY from the ground up - not just a hodge podge of "exercise ideas."

This unique, immediately accessible online course combines over 30 years of research, activities, and practical implementation strategies that have helped us inspire thousands of children to become fit for life, and have empowered fitness mentors from around the world to do the same.

Powerful Play isn't merely a "youth fitness program." It's a community game changer!


  • When kids cross the mid-line of the body, critical brain connections are created.
  • When kids spin around, they develop better balance and body control by stimulating the vestibular system of the inner ear.
  • When kids jump rope, they develop a better sense of internal timing and rhythm –known as temporal awareness. Surprisingly, jumping rope has also been shown to improve language skills!
  • By simply modifying familiar games, you can strategically train all of the 9 perceptual-motor skills to build the foundations of youth fitness and physical literacy.

This is the first course of its kind that...

  • Gives you a proven, quick, and simple system you can use immediately to create repeatable results with TODAY'S children. 
  • Provides you a virtual library of "to the point" research, "cheat sheets" and video program guides to make learning and applying this game-changing system quick and easy. 
  • You don't need a special facility, tons of time to create, or expensive, hard-to-find equipment to implement. 

  • The RESULT

You will have the tools and confidence to quickly become the leader for youth fitness and physical literacy in your community and beyond.

"My summer camps were the most successful they have ever been!"

Powerful Play is a self-paced online course, approved for continuing education credits. It includes...

  •  The 9 critical foundations of youth physical literacy so you'll understand how to help ALL children build fitness and coordination from the ground up 

  • The Spiderfit Physical Literacy activity database with 100s of multi-level activities and games, all with written and video assistance so you can feel confident about creating programs quickly

  • The Powerful Play Downloadable Research Library, providing you the to the point, critical information and implementation strategies you need to create fun and effecive programs for all levels of youngsters

  • An online classroom for the Powerful Play system with webinars outlining the most effective ways for you to confidently get kids fit and physically literate

  • Fitness Professionals! Earn continuing education credits through ACE (.8), NSCA (1.0), NASM (.7), AAFA (7) 

And to make sure you have all the support you need to be successful, we're including a bonus "Guarantee Your Success" Kit!

No time to create programs? 

No problem, we did it for you!


  • Begin making a difference immediately with one month of done-for you fitness programming!
  • Implement programs without the prep time with three 20-30 minute programs per week for 4 weeks.
  • Get instant support from the video tutorials linked to each activity!

(A $79 Value!)

Tired of poor attendance in your youth fitness programs? 


  • Discover the simple things you can be doing today to reach your community with your message.
  • Learn the 3 things that hurt attendance with youth fitness programs, and how to avoid them at all costs.
  • Learn specific, not general, strategies to get the kids you WANT in your programs.
  • Finish the course with a blueprint specific to your business, on how to grow your youth programs.

(A $127 Value!)

Need extra support? 


  • Get LIVE support from your colleagues and the SPIDERfit team via our private, interactive SPIDERfit Building Blocks Facebook community for 90 days.  
  • Connect with youth fitness mentors around the world, sharing ideas, struggles, and solutions so you literally have a team behind you!
  • Have access to the SPIDERfit team for programming, marketing, and other guidance to ensure your success.
  • Get weekly insight, education, and inspiration posted by the SPIDERfit team.

(A $60 Value!)

What would it be worth to you as a youth fitness professional if...

  • You had the knowledge and practical implementation strategies to become a youth fitness expert in your community and beyond?

  • You had a tested blueprint for quickly creating youth fitness programs so you can avoid the "I'm running out of ideas" problem?

  • You had a quick and simple "fill in the blank" marketing strategy to grow your programs and change more lives?

  • You had on-going support to help you overcome bumps in the road and other obstacles that prevent others from creating a successful youth program?

  • You could become the "agent of change" in thousands of children's health in a matter of weeks?


But, because of how much we truly need your help in our fight against childhood inactivity and obesity within the SPIDERfit Tribe of committed, passionate, youth fitness professionals, we're giving you the opportunity to take home the Powerful Play course at the special promotional price of...


"Powerful Play came to the rescue!"


We stand by our hard work and experience!

Powerful Play is not just another "youth fitness program" put together by someone in a lab.

These are the time tested, researched, activities, programs, and implementation strategies we have used over the last 30 years to inspire children to a lifetime of physical activity.

Fitness professionals, PE and classroom teachers, and parents from around the world have already been using the tools in Powerful Play and reporting tremendous results. 

However, if you take home this powerful toolbox and don’t experience the value immediately, we offer a 30- day, 100% money-back guarantee.

No ifs, ands, or buts. 

If you don’t find you have everything you need to quickly ignite a movement for youth fitness and physical activity in your community, we will refund 100% of your investment.

As you can see, there is absolutely no risk to you

Q: What if I don't currently have a youth fitness program, but would like to start one?

A: Powerful Play and the bonus companion course, 6 Steps Fit Pros Can Use to Sell Out Your Summer Youth Programs are a powerful combo not only to create programming, but start a successful youth program from scratch.

Q: I'm a classroom teacher now being asked to teach physical education. Will Powerful Play provide me with appropriate programming resources?

A: Yes! The theory, activities, and programming strategies were created with the needs of classroom teachers in mind. Most activities can be done quickly and simply with little space and limited equipment. Additionally, the activities are designed to improve focus, concentration, and memory capacity.

Q: I homeschool my children. Are the activities and games in Powerful Play appropriate for the home school setting?

A: Absolutely! The course is designed to provide a framework for developing the key elements of fitness and physical literacy in any environment.

Q: How many CEC's can I earn from this course?

A: Powerful Play is approved for CEC credits from: ACE (.8), NSCA (1.0), NASM (.7), AAFA (7) 

Q: Does this course come with a certification? 

A: The course itself is not a certification. However, it is a prerequisite for the live SPIDERfit Level 1 certification. Refer to the SPIDERfit website, for more information on live certifications.

Q: What age do the activities, games, and other resources work for?

A: While much of the theory and resources offered in Powerful Play work with all ages, the framework outlined works best for k-5th grade.

Q: Are the activities included with the course appropriate for kids with adapted physical activity needs?

A: The theory behind the course and resultant programming is grounded in the perceptual motor skills. These are the sensorimotor skills highlighted in many adapted programs. The Powerful Play program is tremendous resource for adapted physical activity options.

Q: What if I don't work with kids, but I have kids of my own?

A: Powerful Play will provide you valuable insight and inspiration in regards to the proper physical development of your child! 


Today is the day to make a difference!

It frustrates you to see recess and PE taken out of the schools.

You walk by empty parks, but everywhere else, you see kids glued to TV and video games.

You've seen the damage that the"early sports specialization" system creates in the long term.

You've want the knowledge, programming, and support to create a fun and active option to the sedentary life of most kids. 

"Powerful Play is not only fun, but it's also easy to use and deliver!"

Powerful Play is your opportunity to stop pointing fingers and take ACTION in the fight against childhood obesity!


For just 2 payments of $165 or 1 payment of $297, you can access Powerful Play immediately!

  • YES! 

I'm going to take this critical step right now in becoming a leader in the fight againt childhood obesity!

Is the Powerful Play Program for you?

This course with the included bonuses is ideal if...

  • YOU want simple, effective, and easily accessible activities, programs, and other resources to inspire youth to fitness and physical literacy.

  • YOU want to become valued as a local youth physical literacy expert with an opportunity to positively impact their entire community.

  • YOU want to provide physical education classes at your school, despite not being a trained physical education teacher.

  • YOU are passionate about helping create a future of happy, healthy, active families.

If you find yourself nodding "yes" to any of the above, then we can't wait to welcome you to the SPIDERfit Tribe and reward your passion with everything you need to create an impact.



A Note from the Founders of SPIDERfit

According to the Centers for Disease Control, obesity and inactivity are negatively impacting roughly 1/3 of our nation’s youth.

We have to stop waiting for someone to step up and make a change.

If you are passionate about becoming a true fitness mentor for kids, Powerful Play makes your journey from overwhelmed and frustrated to empowered and successful fast and simple. 

The health of our youth is in trouble. We need you. The kids in your community need you. 

The Powerful Play course is an opportunity to get off the sidelines and start making a difference in the fitness and physical literacy of the kids in your community. We look forward to having you part of the tribe dedicated to inspiring the children of today to become the happy, healthy, active adults of tomorrow.

Brett Klika

Co-founder, SPIDERfit Kids

Copyright 2016, SPIDERfit Kids